3D Printed Traditional Chinese HouseAfter a slightly delayed flight I finally touched down in Shanghai, only to spend 15 minutes in my Airbnb room. First things first, I had to make my way to Ningbo and meet one of UCreate3D’s affiliate companies. During our dinner at a Gansu style restaurant we got to business. As this was not a Chinese sales meeting, hard liquor was exchanged with Jasmin tea. Lucky me!

3D Printing China

After discussing what both our companies were up to, we went to visit the 3D Printing showroom. The diversity and accuracy of 3D Printing never seizes to amaze me. It doesn’t matter which shape you want to make, it only has to fit in a build envelope.

The build envelope of an Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D Printer

The build envelope of an Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D Printer

Like a kid in a candy store I can never wait to get my hands on the new shapes and gadgets that are lined up. The factory owner was especially pleased with their 3D Printed chess pieces and Chinese miniature house with moving doors. I was skeptical though, in the words of Zoolander, “… was this a house for Ants?!”. I guess we need to go back to Amsterdam for a bigger 3D Printed solution. This 3D Printed skull made me feel all Shakespearean.

3D Printed skull

After returning to Shanghai late and having a good sleep it was time to track around the city once more. Even though the weather was slightly gloomy, the day was shaping up to be very interesting. After another morning meeting, it was time to take a look at some of the creative workspaces. It was great to have a little sit down with the nice people of Cohub and see what kind of cool stuff they were up to.

Cool interior design of Cohub

After spreading the UCreate3D word it was time to move on. It proved to be impossible to find the other workspaces in the area, but my crusade led me to the amazing old school Shanghai style back streets. The conclusion of this trip – as always – was unequivocal: Shanghai remains an awesome city and is creatively live and kicking. I look forward to my next visit.


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